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What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt Nicotine is becoming more and more popular among the vaping community due to their healthier benefits.

Standard nicotine is normally extracted from salts found in tobacco leaves using ammonia whereas Salt Nicotine is derived from natural tobacco leaf, salt Nicotine's manufacturing process eliminates the use of the chemical ammonia and instead vape juice companies are directly extracting the salts in the tobacco leaves and crafting them in their Eliquids. This is great because typically less chemicals being used means a cleaner and are considered a healthier alternative.

Why Sub Ohm Salt Nicotine?

When vaping sub-ohm salt ejuice expect a smoother and cleaner experience. Throat hit will be a little stronger than conventional Eliquids however due to the smoother nicotine delivery you will barely notice the difference and will not have to change your usual nicotine strengths. Also sub ohm salt will satisfy nicotine cravings more efficiently due to their higher concentration of nicotine. 

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Sub ohm Salt Liquid